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I used to dread the school holidays. Once my kids get bored, the whole world has to hear about it. However, fighting and screaming during the holidays is now a thing of the past once I figured out what crafts they like to do. In this blog, I want to share simple crafts your kids can do in the holidays to keep their brain active. You don't need to spend a fortune on craft supplies either to keep your kids out of trouble. I will share the most versatile supplies to get, and all the different things you can do with them. Be prepared for a much more peaceful school holiday in your home.



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Holiday Crafts For The Kids

Three Wedding Day Prep Accessories That Every Bridal Party Will Love

by Herman Martin

Whilst weddings can run the gamut from mega-expensive and opulent to simple but lovely, some of the wedding accessories used are often the same regardless of wedding style. This is especially true of wedding-day-prep accessories. Whether you're really glamming it up or you're opting for a more low-key look, you'll want to enjoy your preparation time on the day of your wedding. Whilst you and your wedding party do your makeup and hair and don your wedding outfits, have the following things on hand to make the day extra fun. 

Wedding Robes

Your "getting ready" robes should be comfortable but still elegant enough to make them feel special. Many brides enjoy choosing matching wedding-prep robes for her bridal party. You can even order customised robes with your names or wedding roles on them if you like. Whilst applying makeup and enjoying time together, you can look chic and feel luxuriously comfortable wearing these robes. Don't forget to snap some photos of the whole party in the matching robes. This is a memory you'll enjoy reliving for years—and you'll each have a special robe to help you remember all the fun.

Festive Flutes

Purchase some lovely drinking flutes just for the wedding-prep period. Whether you're having champagne or simply sparkling water, these flutes add a customised and luxurious touch to the wedding-prep process. They're also quite practical because wedding prep can take hours, and you're all likely to grow quite thirsty at some point during all that hard work! The flutes can be kept and enjoyed for years to come.

Custom Footwear

One of the most popular current trends in the world of wedding accessories is custom thongs. As mentioned above, the wedding prep can take quite a long time. Your wedding party will be more comfortable if they have comfortable thongs to slide their feet into, rather than having to wear the more constricting shoes they'll wear to the ceremony. You can order custom thongs with your names, the wedding date or even your photos on them. This creates a lasting and fun memory.

Although the wedding prep accessories discussed above aren't exactly crucial to the ceremony itself, they can certainly play a vital role in making wedding prep a fun and special time for you and your bridal party. Consider placing an order at a wedding accessories retailer ahead of your big day—your wedding party will love the personalised and special touches you've created!