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I used to dread the school holidays. Once my kids get bored, the whole world has to hear about it. However, fighting and screaming during the holidays is now a thing of the past once I figured out what crafts they like to do. In this blog, I want to share simple crafts your kids can do in the holidays to keep their brain active. You don't need to spend a fortune on craft supplies either to keep your kids out of trouble. I will share the most versatile supplies to get, and all the different things you can do with them. Be prepared for a much more peaceful school holiday in your home.



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Holiday Crafts For The Kids

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles: Your New Favourite Craft Material

by Herman Martin

For patient people, jigsaw puzzles can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to while away a quiet afternoon. Jigsaws have long been popular among children and adults alike, and, despite a few small changes here and there over the years, they've remained mostly the same as they always were.

But it's not just people who enjoy putting puzzles together who buy them. Jigsaw puzzles can also make an excellent, quirky craft material. If you're someone who makes and sells their own arts and crafts, here are a few ideas to show you what's possible. You might just find yourself buying wooden jigsaws in bulk to use as your favourite new medium.

All sorts of jewellery

The iconic puzzle piece shape looks fantastic as the centrepiece of some quirky jewellery. You can mount pieces on rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets – just about anything, really.

All you need is a way of fixing them in place, such as a strong glue or other adhesive, and it doesn't take long to make some unique jewellery your customers will love.

Papier mache covering

If you make items from papier mache, decorating them with jigsaw puzzle pieces is an effective way to put a unique twist on them.

Whether you're decorating functional items like bowls or purely decorative ornaments, there are lots of ways to use jigsaw pieces. You can cover objects completely or just partially; use pieces from the same jigsaw or mix and match colours and sizes. There are plenty of possibilities when you start getting creative.

Framed art

Some people who complete jigsaw puzzles as a hobby frame their favourites when they're finished. You can also frame completed jigsaws to sell on, but instead of just mounting them as they are, put a creative spin on them.

Strategically remove pieces, either from the middle or the edges. If you use larger frames, you can have effects like pieces falling away from a corner, or creating patterns within gaps in the centre of the picture.

If you're left with any spare pieces, you can use them for jewellery or other crafts that only need a few.

Decorating wooden shapes

You can either buy pre-made shapes or cut out your own. Shapes like hearts and stars are always popular, but there are endless possibilities.

Puzzle pieces make a simple decoration, with plenty of impact.

Greeting cards

Single pieces or small parts of puzzle pictures are ideal for decorating greeting cards. You can even accompany them with some puzzle-based puns or messages to make your customers – and the recipients of the cards – smile.